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BIME 535 Clinical Care and Informatics (3)

Healthcare enterprises are highly complex and interdependent, yet they sadly remain poorly integrated. There remains a disconnect between informatics and the core product of the organization, the clinical care process. Informaticists and clinicians (doctors, nurses and others care providers) often remain strangers, with little mutual understanding of the work of the other. To best train healthcare informaticists for the future, we believe this disconnect must be formally addressed throughout graduate training. This course is designed as an introduction to the world of clinical care, not only the technical and scientific components, but as well the history, culture, and psychological aspects. We discover through reading, discussion and direct experience the people and processes of clinical care and how they relate (and how they don’t!) to informatics in healthcare organizations. We apply the UW BHI conceptual models of informatics to the challenges and issues facing practitioners and consumers of clinical medicine and healthcare today.