Nic Dobbins

PhD Student

Faculty Advisor

Meliha Yetisgen


Nic Dobbins received a BA from the University of Minnesota with a double-major in History and Japanese language. He then worked in Japan for several years and eventually completed the highest level of certification in Japanese fluency. He returned to the US for a Master’s degree in Information Science from the UW iSchool. Nic currently works full time as Principal Solutions Architect in UW Medicine Research IT. His PhD research explores the intersections of cohort discovery, dynamic database query generation, question answering, data discovery, human-computer interaction and natural language processing (NLP). Nic is the creator of Leaf, an open-source cohort discovery application used at academic medical centers and commercial companies around the world. His current research focuses on cohort discovery and clinical question-answering using natural language in chat-like web applications.