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Ronald Buie

Graduated: August 17, 2018

Thesis/Dissertation Title:

The Use of Inter-Provider Variation in Measuring Healthcare Performance

To monitor and improve healthcare in the US, providers are required to report healthcare measures as part of regulatory and compensatory systems. However, there are growing concerns that the collection and reporting of these measures may be counter-productive to provider efforts to improve care. Variations in care are known to adversely affect quality, but studies on the relationship of variation within measures and performance of those measures are lacking. We aimed to test if inter-provider variation of a healthcare measure was associated with performance of that measure and thereby establish a model for identifying measures that might be more likely associated with opportunities to improve care. We found that between 14% and 23% of the performance of our chosen measure was associated with variation between providers. This finding suggests that inter-provider variance of a measure can be used to help identify measures where opportunities for improvement of clinical processes exist.

Last Known Position:

UW BHI PhD Student; Assistant Director, National Network of Libraries of Medicine Evaluation Office, University of Washington


Drs. Adam Wilcox (Chair), Anne Turner