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Yiqun Rong

Graduated: June 10, 2018

Thesis/Dissertation Title:

Identification of Physicians and EHR User Types

In recent years, the adoption and meaningful use of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have undergone several promotions by governmental acts and incentive programs, with the promise of plenty of benefits. One of the most important objectives of EHR implementation was to make clinical providers to work more efficiently. However, previous studies have shown widespread dissatisfaction and low work efficiency among physicians due to rapid change of technologies and increasing requirements of EHR use. Based on a well-established model of EHR capabilities and physician EHR user, this research applied two strategies to identify different EHR user types among a large population of physicians from EpicCare Ambulatory Provider Efficiency Profile (PEP) dataset. The trend of physician work efficiency among three EHR user types identified – basic users, strivers, and arrivers – was consistent with our hypothesis that basic users have the highest work efficiency; strivers have the lowest efficiency; and arrivers have medium work efficiency but probably gain other benefits from EHR use. This identification work of physicians and EHR user types is useful for facilitating healthcare providers to move to more efficient EHR use stages¬ and deliver better care for patients in the future.

Last Known Position:

Data Analyst at Acumen, LLC


Drs. Adam Wilcox (Chair), Gang Luo