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Craig Scott, PhD

  • Professor Emeritus
  • Primary
  • MEE


As an emeritus faculty member he serves the National Science Foundation as an assessment coordinator and evaluator for numerous centers in the Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers Program. He recently completed his 33 year of service on the UWSoM Admissions Committee


Mind/body medicine, evaluation of scientific innovation, medical students stress management, performance-based teaching and evaluation (including TBL, PBL, flipped classrooms, objectively-structured clinical examinations and standardized patients), clinical skills development and assessment, medical school admissions, international medical education, and assessment of outcomes of National Science Foundation research centers.

Representative publications:

  • Losh D, Ambrozy D, Cunningham M, Struijk J, Scott C, Adding value to OSCEs by providing real-time clinician feedback. Medical Educator. (2013).
  • Scott CS, Nagasawa PR, Abernethy NF, Ramsey BW, Martin PJ, Hacker BM, Schwartz HD, Brock DM, Robins LS, Wolf FM, Disis ML. Expanding Assessments of Translational Research Programs: Supplementing Metrics with Value Judgments. Eval Health Prof.37(1) 2014, 83-97.
  • Scott CS (Ed). Industry-Nominated Technological Breakthroughs of National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Centers (6th edition) (2016). National Science Foundation, Industry-University Cooperative Research Program. Arlington, Virginia. (
  • Bradley B, Booth-LaForce C, Scott C, Sherman K. Design of a Multi-Disciplinary Training Program in Complementary and Integrative Health Clinical Research: Building Research across Inter-Disciplinary Gaps (BRIDG). J Complement Med Alt Healthcare. 2019; 9(1).
  • Scott CS, Vincenzi F, Smith D, Gorrin K, Trantham J. Mind-Body Skills Elective: A 7-year Follow-up of Health Professions Students. J Complement Med Alt Healthcare. 2019; 9(1): 555750. DOI: 10.19080/JCMAH.2019.09.555751.
  • Scott CS. Primer on Team-Based Learning. In Ballweg R, Brown D, Vetrosky DT, Ritsema TS (editors): Physician Assistant: A Guide to ClinicalPractice, 7th edition. Philadelphia: Elsevier, Inc. 2020.