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Biomedical and health informatics.


B.A. Classics (Stanford University); M.D. (University of Washington); MPH (University of Washington)


Dr. Ralston is a Health Services and Health Informatics researcher with a focus in web-based and mobile support for patients with chronic medical conditions.  Dr. Ralston also practices Internal Medicine at Washington Permanente Medical Group.

Representative publications:

  • Lyles CR, Harris LT, Le T, Flowers J, Tufano J, Britt D, Hoath J, Hirsch I, Goldberg HI, Ralston JD.  Qualitative Evaluation of  Mobile Phone and Web-Based Collaborative Care Intervention for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes.  Diabetes Technol Ther 2011 May;13(5):563-569.
  • Simon GE, Ralston JD, Savarino J, Pabniak C, Wentzel C, Operskalski BH.  Randomized trial of depression follow-up care by online messaging.  J Gen Intern Med 2011 Jul;26(7):698-704 PMCID: PMC3138593.
  • Harris LT, Tufano J, Le T, Rees C, Lewis GA, Evert AB, Flowers J, Collins C, Hoath J, Hirsch IB, Goldberg HI, Ralston JD.  Designing mobile support for glycemic control.  J Biomed Inform 2010;43(5):S37-40.
  • Ralston JD, Hirsch IB, Hoath J, Mullen M, Cheadle A, Goldberg HI.  Web-based collaborative care for type 2 diabetes: a pilot randomized trial.  Diabetes Care 2009;32(2):234-239.  PMCID: PMC2628685.
  • Green BB, Cook AJ, Ralston JD, Fishman PA, Catz SL, Carlson J, Carrell D, Tyll L, Larson E, Thompson RS.  Effectiveness of home blood pressure monitoring, web communication, and pharmacist care on hypertension Control.  JAMA 2008 Jun 25;299(24):2857-2867.  PMCID: PMC2715866.
  • Ralston JD, Revere D, Robins LS, Goldberg HI.  Patient experience with a diabetes support program based on an interactive electronic medical record: qualitative study.  BMJ 2004;328(7449):1159.  PMCID: PMC411089.