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Faculty Lead(s)

Project Summary

The UW School of Medicine developed an online course on implicit bias in health care aimed at clinical faculty who train medical students across the WWAMI region (Sabin, lead content expert). The course addresses three core learning objectives regarding implicit bias. The Learning Objectives of the course state that by the end of the course learners will be able to: 1. define implicit bias and how it is manifested in health care, 2. recognize how implicit bias may be operating in the clinical setting and learning environment, and 3. apply strategies that can be used to minimize impact of implicit bias. The course begins with students voicing their real world experiences as recipients of bias based upon their background. With funding from the Race & Equity Initiative (R&EI), we propose to develop implicit bias workshop materials for faculty and trainees to extend use of the course to a workshop format to address the topic of implicit bias in health care more in-depth. A menu of real-time and longitudinal evaluation metrics will be developed for use with the workshop based upon the Kirkpatrick Model of Evaluation.

Project Keywords: Clinical & Leaarning Environment, Implicit Bias, Implicit Bias Workshop, Strategies to Reduce Impact of Implicit Bias