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Faculty Lead(s)


Project Summary

Grant: 1 D09 HP 28670-01-00,  Health Research Services Administration,  2015-2017

The proposed project enhances a partnership among UW SoN, UWMC’s RHC, and UWMC’s Institute for Simulation and Interprofessional Studies (ISIS). The project will provide clinical education and training for graduate nursing students in an ACO which uses advanced clinical information technology (IT) to provide evidence-based clinical services for rural, diverse, and medically underserved (MU) patients with AHF from five states (WA, WY, AK, MT, ID; WWAMI). SoN and UW RHC to oversee: curricular enhancements and clinical training of graduate nursing students within an ACO; preceptor recruitment/training; site development and field placements in rural and/or MU areas; Health IT that includes using technologies and approaches for engaging and monitoring AHF patients; evaluation of the innovative clinical training model;  2) 3) Create a Preceptor Training Toolkit that includes effective teaching strategies for adult learners with training on facilitation, providing effective feedback, coaching and mentoring; unconscious bias in rural and underserved communities; and methods and tools for measuring preceptor competencies and student clinical competencies and readiness to practice; 4) Establish a Regional AHF Collaborative for referring PCPs and future preceptors; offer weekly TeleAHF Conferences and online training modules to improve AHF care.

Project Keywords: Implicit Bias, Interprofessional Education, Rural & Underserved Communities