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Xiyao Yang

Graduated: June 10, 2017

Thesis/Dissertation Title:

Leaf2Tableau: From Real-Time Clinical Data to Clinical Knowledge Discovery

Leaf-to-Tableau, a self-service and real-time clinical data visualization pipeline, is designed and developed to handle data visualization requests for queries developed in Leaf, a clinical data explorer developed by University of Washington Medicine Information Technology Services. It can extract and visualize any Leaf datasets into a portable format that researchers can easily explore without needing a highly technical or statistical background, providing a quick visual summary of the target population. This completes a CDW self-service model with a researcher constructing a query to identify a specific patient cohort in Leaf and subsequently developing custom visualizations for exploration or publication, as well as receiving in return data files for analysis.

Last Known Position:

Corporate Management Trainee, Fosun Pharma


Drs. Sean Mooney (Chair), John Gennari, Adam Wilcox, Mark Wurfel