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MS & PhD Funding and Tuition

National Library of Medicine (NLM) Training Grant Funding

Our Biomedical and Health Informatics program has a training grant from the National Library of Medicine which offers fellowships for a limited number of qualified pre-doctoral PhD students or post-doctoral trainees. The duration of these fellowships is three years for pre-doctoral students and two years for post-doctoral trainees. The fellowships include tuition, a monthly stipend, health benefits, and travel expenses to a required NLM training conference in the summer. These fellowships require full-time enrollment during the academic year and U.S. citizenship or Resident Alien status. Admitted PhD program applicants are notified shortly after their admission whether they have been selected for the fellowship.

Other UW Funding Opportunities

For students who are not eligible or not selected for the NLM fellowship above, the University of Washington offers a range of opportunities and resources to assist students with locating funding:

*A range of research assistantships (RA) and teaching assistantships (TA) are available on campus. These positions usually cover tuition, stipend, and benefits, and require full-time enrollment. While most of these are competitive and not guaranteed, students may seek a RA or TA position in their first year of study. Positions are posted through individual departments or on the UW employment website. Announcements are made to current and admitted BHI students if positions with BHI faculty become available.

Tuition and Fees

Graduate tuition rates and fees are set and published by the UW Office of Planning & Budgeting. Quarterly tuition and fee rates and annual tuition and fee rates may be viewed at their website. The tuition category for BHI MS students is Graduate Tier II; for PhD students, it is Graduate Tier I.

Applicants requesting an F-1 or J-1 visa must meet the UW’s financial ability requirement to show that they have adequate funding to cover living costs and tuition and campus fees for the first year of study.