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UW Medicine has developed analytics capabilities to support data-driven clinical quality and process improvement initiatives, population health reporting and tracking, risk assessment and prediction, care innovation analyses, retrospective observational studies and prospective recruitment for clinical trials. The analytics infrastructure consists of enterprise and application data warehouses along with reporting tools, dashboards and query development applications. The UW Medicine Analytics team of about 60 individuals includes architects, analytics, developers and trainers who support domain analysts and query requests across the organization. The analytics team manages data from Cerner and Epic electronic health records and McKesson financials, as well as the Caradigm platform.

Led by the BIME Department chair and Adam Wilcox who is Core BIME faculty and Chief Analytics Officer for UW Medicine, a number of core BIME faculty play key service roles in analytics. BIME faculty lead the design, development and implementation of the analytics strategy, data system architecture, and analytics tools for data extraction and discovery. They also actively develop and apply advanced algorithms for risk stratification, data extraction, cohort and population identification and data summarization. Analytics at UW Medicine is a growing area where informatics principles and methods are applied and tested to improve the healthcare delivery, both for the clinical care providers and their patients.