Teaching Scholars Program Overview

The Teaching Scholars Program (TSP) at the University of Washington is a 10 month professional development program for educators in the health professions who have a passion for teaching and a desire to become academic leaders.

The Mission of the Teaching Scholars Program is to prepare University of Washington Health Sciences faculty for positions in academic leadership. The Program values and supports the ongoing professional and educational development of participants.

TSP Program Goals

The Program’s goals are to prepare Scholars:

To become academic leaders. Scholars delve into the scholarship on teaching and learning and practice reflection, goal setting and skill-building to prepare for educational leadership roles in the health professions. Participants meet with academic leaders who provide insight into the operations of an academic health center and  often become mentors to participants. Theories of leadership and organizational improvement are presented didactically and in the context of personal narratives.

To conduct research related to their educational endeavors. Participants learn to view teaching as a legitimate subject of scholarly investigation. Scholars read and discuss peer reviewed materials pertaining to clinical reasoning, evidence-based medicine, professionalism, interprofessional education and instructional technology and informatics. All participants are required to complete an education-related project, with the aid of a faculty mentor from the Department of Biomedical Informatics and Medical Education. Scholars are guided in the selection of projects that are not only of interest but that are “do-able” in the context of their everyday routines.

To develop and disseminate educational innovations. The program promotes educational innovation in the context of understanding educational theory and research. Scholars learn how to develop, evaluate, enhance, and disseminate new curricula, programs, and instructional technologies. To facilitate these endeavors, scholars learn how to deliver formal presentations, lead group discussions and problem-based learning tutorials, provide clinical supervision, assess student learning, evaluate teaching, and plan curriculum.

How to Register

To apply to the Program, go to https://catalyst.uw.edu/webq/survey/mdhill/408333 for Teaching Scholars 2021-2022. Complete the survey and submit electronically.  If you have questions, please contact Marla Hill at mdhill@uw.edu.