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Maryam Abdel Magid

PhD Student

Faculty Advisor(s):

Maryam Abdel Magid graduated in public health and biology from Santa Clara University (SCU). She conducted undergraduate research on the impact of social policy on the unhoused population in Santa Clara County and opioid addiction on SCU’s campus. This research led her to Stanford University’s Center for Dissemination and Implementation (CDI), where she analyzes state and NIDA-funded opioid addiction treatment and SAMHSA-funded projects spanning (K-12) school mental health. Her work at CDI, combined with an internship at California’s Department of Public Health focusing on disease reporting and surveillance, has enriched her expertise in implementation and data-driven science. Now a first-year PhD student in Biomedical Informatics and Medical Education at the University of Washington with an NLM pre-doctoral fellowship, her research spans public health informatics, consumer health informatics, and social theory. She aims to improve substance abuse treatment and health equity through mixed methods.