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Ross Lordon

Graduated: August 23, 2019

Thesis/Dissertation Title:

Design, Development, and Evaluation a Patient-Centered Health Dialog System to Support Inguinal Hernia Surgery Patient Information-Seeking

Surgery patients engage in health information-seeking activities to better understand their health conditions. An example of this activity is patients collecting data outside of the hospital to track their surgery recovery. Patients can also seek health information from resources such as clinicians, patient education materials, multimedia, friends or family members, and websites to answer their questions. However, surgery patients could encounter barriers when trying to make sense of their collected data or engaging in health information-seeking. For example, clinicians have limited availability to help make sense of the collected data or answer patient questions. Additionally, surgery patients may have low health literacy levels or have difficulties recalling their discharge teaching.

Last Known Position:

Design Researcher at Microsoft


William Lober, Uba Backonja, Lingtak-Neander Chan, Heather Evans, Sean Munson