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Yong Choi

Graduated: December 14, 2018

Thesis/Dissertation Title:

Examining the Feasibility of Internet of Things Technologies to Support Aging-in-Place

The older adult population is one of the fastest growing demographic groups in the United States. Older adults face challenges such as chronic health conditions, reduced mobility, and cognitive decline. Technological solutions may be valuable resources to assist older adults in maintaining their quality of life. One such solution involves the Internet of Things (IoT) connected smart home devices. IoT smart home technologies have a unique opportunity to support healthy aging of the older adult population by identifying potential patterns in health and detecting anomalous activities. Such technologies could support detection of trends over time (for example, decrease in overall activity level, increase in sedentary behavior or reduced number of visitors) that call for intervention. This could assist older adults to maintain independence by connecting them with family members, support systems or other caregivers, and ultimately support quality of life. Despite the promise of these technologies to improve health outcomes and quality of life in older adults, there still remains a challenge in understanding older adults’ specific perceptions and concerns. This dissertation explored the feasibility of using of IoT smart home devices with older adults and understand their acceptability of these tools within their home. The specific aims of this project are to: 1) Assess the feasibility of an IoT smart home devices in their residential setting; 2) Examine older adults’ acceptability of an IoT smart sensor system and how this perception may change over time and after exposure to such a system; 3) Develop design recommendations for a future IoT smart home system to better assist older adults’ aging-in-place and maximize their user experience.

Last Known Position:

Assistant Professor, Health Information Management, University of Pittsburgh; Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Davis Medical Center