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Yue Guo

Graduated: June 7, 2024

Thesis/Dissertation Title:

Making Health Knowledge Accessible Through Personalized Language Processing

The pandemic exposed the difficulties the general public faces when attempting to use scientific information to guide their health-related decisions. Though widely available in scientific papers, the information required to guide these decisions is often not accessible: medical jargon, scientific writing styles, and insufficient background explanations make this information opaque to non-experts. Consequently, there is a pressing need to deliver scientific knowledge in lay language, which has motivated researches on automated plain language summary generation to make the health information more accessible.
In this talk, I will discuss my efforts in this direction, including building a novel dataset, identifying unique challenges within this task, and developing new methods to address those challenges. A key part of this process has been evaluating existing metrics to see if they effectively measure performance for this task, and considering if there might be better options. Finally, I will broaden the discussion beyond just health information - exploring how we can personalize and improve communication across different domains.