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Clinical and diagnostic reasoning, and medical education scholarship and assessment.


Dr. Ilgen joined the Division of Emergency Medicine faculty in 2010.  He is Associate Director of the Center for Leadership & Innovation in Medical Education (CLIME), and directs the Medical Education Research Fellowship within the Division of Emergency Medicine. Dr. Ilgen has been a longitudinal faculty mentor for medical students in the UW School of Medicine Colleges since 2011.


Clinical and diagnostic reasoning; medical education scholarship; and assessment.


Dr. Ilgen serves as a longitudinal mentor within the UW School of Medicine Colleges, and is also involved in the education of UW Emergency Medicine residents.  He mentors fellows in the Medical Education Research Fellowship within the Division of Emergency Medicine.

Representative publications:

Ilgen JS, Humbert AJ, Kuhn G, Hansen ML, Norman GR, Eva KW, Charlin B, Sherbino J.  Assessing diagnostic reasoning: A consensus statement summarizing theory, practice, and future needs. Acad Emerg Med. 2012; 19(12): 1454-1461.

Ilgen JS, Sherbino J, Cook DA. Technology-Enhanced Simulation in Emergency Medicine: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Acad Emerg Med. 2013; 20(2):117-27.

Ilgen JS, Bowen JL, McIntyre LA, Banh KV, Barnes D, Coates WC, Druck J, Fix ML, Rimple D, Yarris LM, Eva KW. Comparing Diagnostic Performance and the Utility of Clinical Vignette-Based Assessment Under Testing Conditions Designed to Encourage Either Automatic or Analytic Thought. Acad Med. 2013; 88:1545–1551.

Ilgen JS, Ma IWY, Hatala R, Cook DA. A systematic review of validity evidence for checklists versus global rating scales in simulation-based assessment.  Med Educ. 2015; 49: 161–173.

Ilgen JS, Eva KW, Regehr G.  What’s in a label? Is diagnosis the start or the end of clinical reasoning? J Gen Intern Med. 2016;31:435-7.