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Bioinformatics, genomics, molecular parasitology, systems biology, structural genomics, and biodefense.


B.Sc.(Hons.), and Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Queensland.  25 years experience in molecular parasitology, genomics and bioinformatics.


1. Structural genomics (high throughput protein structure determination) of biodefense and emerging infectious disease organisms — funding through NIAID contract
2. RNAP II-mediated transcription in Leishmania – funded, renewal pending
3. Genome-wide and bioinformatics approaches to studying differentiation between insect and mammalian lifecycle stages of Leishmania — minimal funding
4. Drug and diagnostic development for African trypanosomes and Leishmania — funded through collaborations
5. Annotation and curation of trypanosomatid sequence and functional genomics databases — currently funded

Informatics projects include development of sequence, functional genomics and process management databases, analytical software tools and web-based interfaces for analysis of sequence, mRNA expression and proteomics data.

A complete list of my published work can be found in my NCBI bibliography:


Currently only accepting graduate students and/or post-docs with funding.